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Your Progress – TTh 2:20

Class Directory

Section 04
TR 2:20 – 3:45
Katherine Brosch
Raiah Brown
Devon Camel
Michaela Casey
Chris Christia
Corey Donoghue
Ben Erickson
Meghale Ford
John Ghazanfar
Lynzee Hoffman
Daje Jones
Melissa Myers
Brett Phillips
Rodney Rodriguez
Corey Wiseman
Allen Wright

last update: November 4

The syllabus page shows what you should accomplish each week.

September 12 – 16

  • proposal/treatment, script, shot list
  • collect video
  • record voice-over

September 19 – 23

  • edit clips
  • assemble clips on timeline

September 26 – 30

  • add text, transitions, sfx
  • opening titles, closing credits
  • mix audio track
  • render video

2nd time through the process

October 3 – 6

  • script, shot list, treatment
  • collect video and stills
  • record voice-over

October 11 – 15

  • trim clips
  • assemble clips on timeline

October 17 – 21

  • add text, transitions, sfx
  • opening titles, closing credits

October 24 – 28

  • mix audio track (voice and music)
  • render video

3rd time through the process

October 29

  • documents for your third video (script and shot list)

Oct 31 – Nov 4

  • collect video
  • record voice-over

Remember, this course is all about doing the process in order and on time.

 S 12S 19S 26NASA videoscript/ shot list 2nd videoO 3O 11O 17O 31script/ shot list 3rd videoN 7N 14N 21N 28D 5F Ex 
Corey D.yyyyy/yyynnn
Corey W.yy/ynnnnnn

y – on time
/ – partially done (can change to y or l)
n – not done or not shown to me (can change to l)
l – late (plus number of weeks)
a – absent

class att = your attendance on mandatory class days at the end of semester
late / miss = number of late or missing documents
miss g’way = number of missed gateways


Sept 6 – Antaney,

Sept 8 –  Antaney, Daje

September 13 – none (Jody’s last day)

September 15 – T, Daje, Melissa, Rodney

Sept 20 – Katie, Chris, Quon, Ben, Meghale, Jon, Corey

Sep 22 – Katie, Chris, John, Daje, Rodney, Corey, Allen (T’s last day)

Sep 27 – John, Rodney, Allen

Sep 29 – Daje, Rodney

Oct 4 – Rodney, Katie

Oct 6 – Katie, John, Daje, Brett, Corey W

Oct 11 – Katie, John, Daje, Ben

Oct 13 – Katie, John, Daje (Quon’s last day)

Oct 18 – Raiah, John, Corey W.

Oct 20 – Corey W., Allen

Oct 25 – Katie, Raiah, Chris, Corey W, Allen

Oct 27 – Raiah, Ben, Meghale, Rodney, Corey W, Allen

Nov 1 – Katie, Raiah, John, Lynzee, Daje, Melissa, Brett, Rodney, Corey W

Nov 3 – Katie, Raiah, John, Daje, Corey W

Dec 6 – Devon, Daje