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Director’s Cut

Personally, post-production is the part I enjoy most. You take your media assets and assemble, edit, and polish them into the video that your audience will experience.

You will finish this part of the process when you are satistfied with it or until it is due, whichever comes first. We are going to call this the director’s cut. In the Hollywood world, they have for a long time circulated privately for many of the feature films that ran in the movie theaters. The Internet world, of course, has endless potential for various versions of videos to circulate and later to get mixed into other videos.

Video Editing

Most of the videos on YouTube are edited with Windows Movie Maker. Its big advantage is that is comes free on almost all computers that have the Windows operating system, and it is available as a free download from Microsoft for everyone else. Its big disadvantage is its limited options. For example, if you want to do anything at all complicated with music and voice, you need a separate audio editor. Most people use Audacity because it is free and very powerful.

At the other end of the spectrum is Apple’s Final Cut. Some of the first-run feature films that you might have seen at the Regal were edited with Final Cut, so its big advantage is its power and amazing array of options. Its big disadvantage is its high price, $999 at the Apple Store. That’s for the whole suite because, like Movie Maker, Final Cut is best used with some other software, included in Final Cut Studio:

  • Final Cut Pro – video editing
  • Motion – moving graphics and animation
  • Soundtrack Pro – audio post-production
  • Color – color grading and finishing
  • Compressor and DVD Studio for digital delivery virtually anywhere — Apple devices, the web, and disc

Getting started with Premiere Elements and Final Cut

In addition, you may find it helpful, depending on your project, to edit some still images before you import them into your video editor.

Opening Titles and Closing Credits

Your video needs to have a title and perhaps some other information at the beginning and credits at the end, sort of like book covers or the handshake at the beginning and end of a business encounter.

Opening title sequence

At a minimum, you should display the video’s title in your opening sequence. If you look at just the beginnings of YouTube videos, you will see a variety of approaches to this opening sequence. Here’s a video with the title and the maker’s name. The title starts over black and remains for a few seconds after the video itself begins.

America, I Miss You So

A more elaborate title sequence might be like this one, which first announces the production company with an animated title.

CSS Opacity Tutorial

an even more elaborate opening includes the names of the cast and production team, information that is more often in closing credits and may be in both places. These folks had the budget for some fancy animation. You can use video that you shot and may or may not have used in the body of the video.

Mad Med


The Women

Perfectly Aligned

Help Wanted

Internet Help Desk


Closing credits sequence

This should tell us where you got your media assets if you didn’t make them yourself. In the case of the music, identify the titles and musicians. The closing credits are also an opportunity to thank the people who helped you, cast, crew, or just inspiration. They are also a good place to put a date and a copyright notice if you are concerned about such things.

In class, we will look at your test segments and discuss some of the choices you made. You will also be able to see what other students have done so that you can make changes to yours.


There Will Be Blood


The Avengers

I dream of Jeanie

Bridget Loves Bernie

Square Pegs

America’s Funniest Home Videos End Credits 1993

It seems like a good idea at the time


opening and closing

Easy to Assemble

Claire Rides a Bike

online video resources

short video using special effects – Billy Collins’ Forgetfulness

Making a music video

Music promos are designed to grab your attention, capture the imagination and keep you entertained with each and every frame. Sequence Post-Production shows you how to create a dramatic and energetic piece of video work.

Blender — free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems


First Light Movies How to Make a Film – funds and inspires young people, throughout the UK, to make films reflecting the diversity of their lives. – Lora

MonkeySee’s Produce Your Own How-To Video – watch all nine of the videos yourself but show us just six or seven minutes of highlights.

Blade, visual novel engine

Blender and Elephants Dream

Torley’s Guide to Making Movies (machinima in Second Life) – Tutorials and Tips and Tricks

Short Courses’ On-line Library of Digital PhotographyDigital Desktop Studio Photography

Video Maker’s Production

Video Maker’s Post-Production

Video Maker’s Distribution

Izzy Video – the video podcast that shows you how to shoot and edit better video – show us six or seven minutes of highlights –

Computer Arts‘ tutorial on Making a Music Video – download the .pdf and show us some highlights –

Computer Arts‘ tutorial onAnimating a Logo – download the .pdf and show us some highlights

Instructable’s Video Camera Mount for Bicycle and Bicycle Camera Mount for under $1

Howcast – how-to videos, including videos about how to make videos

downloading and converting YouTube (and other) videos

plug-in / add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer

Web sites


Movie Maker

Atomic Learning’s MovieMaker 2 tutorials – lighting –

Microsoft’s Make your first movie Tutorials – pick a couple of advanced topics that look interesting to you

iMovie – from these several dozen video tutorials, pick seven or eight minutes of highlights

Final Cut

Creative Cow’s Final Cut Pro tutorialsGradient Wipe Transition

Creative Cow’s Final Cut Pro tutorialsCorrecting White Balance

Creative Cow’s Final Cut Pro tutorials – Setting up a multi-cam edit

YouTube’s Final Cut Pro tutorials

Ken Stone’s green screening techniques

Genius DV’s Final Cut Pro tutorials

Titles and credits:

Using Boris 3d in final cut pro

Title crawl with glow effect

Freeze frame effect with camera flash

WonderHow’s Final Cut how-to videosmanage textcorrect the exposure

Audacity video tutorials from Google Video — show us highlights and their video production resources

– Fix Picture’s Resize or Convert Images

Premiere Elements

[ to come ]

Special Effects FX software

Muvee’s Autoproducer and Reveal – try the free trial –

FXhome’s EffectsLab Proexamples

Pixelan’s SpiceFX for MovieMaker

Wondertouch’s fx software – download the free trial.

Music and sound effects

cc-mixter-logo – “download, sample, cut-up, share” – “You already have permission…”.

browse the samples, download what you want to your project folder, import the file into Final Cut, edit as you would any other clip.

Remember to give credit to the composer!

CCMixter has a new function called “Dig” ccMixter Music Discovery

It has a section just for Instrumental Music for Film and Video. Click on “Advanced dig”

Google search results for free sound effects