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Video editing software

You may well own video editing software. Programs like Windows Movie Maker comes bundled with many Windows PCs. iMovie comes bundled with some Macs. Several video editing apps are available for tablets and phones.

The two most popular professional-level video editing programs are Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s Premiere Pro. Oddly enough, they were both made by the same development team, first at Apple, so they are very similar. You may well have seen an expensive Hollywood movie that was edited with Premiere. You have almost surely seen one edited with Final Cut.

In this course, we are going to use Adobe’s Premiere. Adobe used to sell it as a program in a shrink-wrapped box. Now they sell it as a cloud service.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud lets you use a dozen programs online for a small monthly fee. We don’t need all of them, only Premiere, so that’s the one that you’re going to sign up for.

Long tutorial – Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Beginners

Short tutorials –

Adobe Premiere Pro for Absolute Beginners

Learn Premiere Pro in 20 Minutes for Beginners

Very long 49-part tutorial