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The Process


Before you begin collecting videos clips, you have to know what to look for. When you being to edit them, you have to know how long each needs to be.

To guide these decisions, you need three documents: proposal/treatment, script, shot list

The script itself gets an additional, separate score.

Video editing software

In this course, we are going to use Adobe’s Premiere. Adobe used to sell it as a program in a shrink-wrapped box. Now they sell it as a cloud service.

Video Assets

Collect video (and some images) that will illustrate the words.


Record the voice-over, yours for the main narrative, classmates’ for quotations or other voices.

Trimmed Clips

Edit of the clips (trim them to be as short as possible) and images (crop and resize them).


Assemble the clips on a timeline over the voice-over.


Add on-screen text, transitions, and special effects.

Titles and Credits

Add the opening titles and closing credits.

Audio Track

Mix the voice-over and the music into an audio track.

Final mix and render

Add the audio track back to the timeline and render the finished video on or before the due dates.

Close the loop

Congratulations! You finished the process. Everything, that is, except for showing it to people and thinking about how your next video will be different.