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The Genny Awards

Note: After Fall 2013, we used paper for this voting.

I’m leaving this older online form here so you can see what the categories are and what the ballot looks like. We will vote during the two Showtimes in May.

 Semi-Annual Awards
Distinguished Achievement
in the
Craft of Video Making

  • these awards have no bearing on your course grade
  • only class members are eligible for awards. That makes it easier for me to choose finalists, but excludes some otherwise terrific performances.

Please vote for quality, whatever that means to you, not just for a classmate you like, or don’t like. If you all vote for quality, as you see it, then winning will be more meaningful than if it’s just a popularity contest.

If there is class consensus around one finalist, that person or video will win. If there is not a clear class consensus, I will decide.

To my mind, there are some very difficult decisions here. Take a moment to view some of the videos again on our GEN 230 Matteo Ricci Channel on YouTube. Give some thought to your choice.

Full titles and summaries on the table below this ballot. Nominees are listed in alphabetical order.

Best Titles and Credits

Cranky Mario
The Escalator
Weed vs Drinking

Best Sound / Music

Baby Father
Tournament of Champions
You and Me

Best Lighting

Man v. Chartwells
Tournament of Champions
Weed vs Drinking

Best Costume Design

Elderly Drivers
The Escalator

Best Special Effects

Zack McNammer

Best Cinematography – camera work and production values of lighting and sound

Silent Library
Tournament of Champions
Zack McNammer

Best Film Editing

Cranky Mario
Elderly Drivers
First Take
Man vs. Chartwells

Best Script Adaptation

Perfectly Aligned
Silent Library

Best Original Script

Elderly Drivers
Baby Father

Best Supporting Actor

Ian for dancer in Elderly Drivers
Correy for Rob’s best friend in Zack McNammer
John for Money Man in Silent Library

Best Supporting Actress

Amanda for dancer in Elderly Drivers
Samantha for nurse in Silent Library

Best Actor

Jake for the dupe in Hell Date
Rob for the boyfriend in You and Me
Stuart for Captain Annibus in The Escalator
Tyler for the host in Man vs Chartwells

Best Actress

Amanda for the girlfriend in You and Me
Amanda for the date from hell in Hell Date

Best Director

Amanda for Bad Girls Club
Ian for Baby Father
Kayra for You and Me

Best Picture

Bad Girls Club
Elderly Drivers
You and Me


your name:

What did you learn in Gen 230?

Don’t just repeat the syllabus: “I learned how to make a video.” That’s true, but what about it? What exactly did you learn? What did you learn that you didn’t expect to learn? What did you learn that wasn’t part of the syllabus? What did you learn that’s hard to express? When were you most engaged by the process? Do you understand my emphasis on the process instead of the product?

If the form works properly, you will be immediately re-directed to the course web’s welcome page.

Matteo Ricci Channel

Video Projects

Spring 2012


producer / writer / director / editor title description actors from our class nominations
Lucas Pichette Tournament of Champions The seventh game of a classic 55 cup beer pong league tournament none Lighting, Cinematography, Sound / Music
Katrina Thornton Man v. Chartwells Man v. Chartwells – college version, where we will have a blind taste test to determine the quality of campus food at Medaille College! Tyler,
Doug, Amanda, Michael, Correy
Film Editing, Lighting, (actor)
Correy Gibbons Silent Library Medaille College Based of off the MTV show Silent Library. Put my own twist on it at Medaille College Library Rob, Sam, John Script Adaptation, Cinematography, Supporting Actor (Weed), (supp actor), (supp actress)
Amanda Martell Bad Girls Club: Medaille Edition Seven bad girls from medialle are joined together and drama ensues. none Picture, Director, Actress (You and Me) and (Hell Date), Supporting Actress (Drivers)
John Ronan Weed vs Drinking A satiric look at the differences between smoking weed and drinking alocohol. Video shot at a Buffalo New York college, named Medaille. Correy, John Lighting, Titles and Credits, Supporting Actor (Library)
Stuart Ziegler Cranky Mario Mario is in a drug induced sleep. He dreams about being poisoned and has to get the antidote from bowser. Stuart (voice) Film Editing, Titles and Credits, Actor (Escalator)
Jake Conde Medaille’s First Take opinions on a few controversial issues Jake Actor (Hell Date), Editing
DWain Laws iGenie Not your typical genie granting wishes to two friends. Ian, Rob, Jake, Kyra Special Effects, Original Script
Tyler Welsh Elderly Drivers Music Video An original song by T-Diddy dealing with the recent issue of old drivers. They have become a pandemic and it has become a common thing to see them crash into a building on a daily basis. Tyler, Amanda, DWain, Ian Picture, Original Script, Film Editing, Costume Design, Actor (Chartwells), (supp actor), (supp actress)
Rob Petrilli Perfectly Aligned Parody Very funny, humorous video of what is thought to be a match made in heaven but turns wrong at the last moment. Rob Actor (You and Me), Script Adaptation
Ian Hill You Are Not The Baby Father (Maury Parody) Hoodrat Edition Laquisha cheats on boyfriend Jamar, and he may not be the baby father. none Director, Supporting Actor (Drivers), Original Script, Sound / Music
Kayra Clark You and Me A music video I made to an original song I wrote with friends as actors in my video. Amanda, Rob Picture, Director, Original Script, (actor), (actress)
Jaime Whitehead Hell Date Hell Date, Disater Date – Manly Women, or a Manly Man. Jake, Amanda, Kyra (actor), (actress)
Samantha Santee Zack McNammer’s Day Off Zack McNammer day off is a spin off of Farris bulers day off. this video has the same vibe as the movie with a medaille college twist. the actors capture the roles great as they have a fun day off. Correy, Rob, Amanda Supporting Actress (Library), Special Effects, Cinematography, (supp actor)
Matt Detota The Escalator infomercial for marijuana paraphernalia Stuart, Lucas Costume Design, Titles and Credits, (actor)
Adam Page Batman scene scene from Batman Special Effects