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The Syllabus – pre-2016

Schedule at a Glance

Personally, I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.

Winston Churchill

There are two sections of this course, one MWF and the other TTh. To avoid confusion, I have organized this syllabus by week rather than by class day.

Week beginning …

topic / activity deliverable due date format
January 20

introduction to the course

Matteo Ricci’s YouTube Channel

introduction to your video project

first reading of audition script – Odd Couple scene

 list of ideas Jan 22, 23 your email response to my email to your school address
Pre- Pro-
January 26

overview of the process

review of your ideas

analysis of video structure

pitch your concept to your classmates LIVE ON-STAGE!

rehearse audition script – OC scene; analysis of video techniques

concept for your video (<25 words)


Wed Jan 28 and Thurs Jan 29

written email (not an attachment, just type or paste it directly into the email)

oral presentation

list of characters

February 2


Odd Couple shot list


casting day — open process, plus understudies

crew assignments

February 9

casting your scripts

read scripts with possible casts

final script


production lists

shot list

Feb 13

Feb 13

Feb 13

Feb 13

written emails (not as attachments; just type or paste directly into the email)

Gateway 1

email or meeting with me to look at your script and production lists, discuss casting, and foresee production challenges

Feb 20 personal appointment or email
February 16

production values demo – light and sound, taping OC scene

scene rehearsed with cast on set

scene rehearsed personal attendance
February 24 through March 27

Production dates – pick one for yourself or I’ll assign you one.

video recording in studio and on stage

We have 20 projects and several possible location over almost a dozen class days on either side of Spring Break.

scene performed

shot list directed, taped with attention to production values

personal attendance

Gateway 2

appointment with me to view the media assets for your project

collected media assets

Mar 27

laptop, USB, or external or network drive

.prel file

personal appointment or email

Post- Pro-
March 30

video recording re-takes in studio and on stage; editing in H216

capturing and editing in H216

video editing resources and techniques

video editing


April 6 through April 17 two weeks of editing
titles, credits Apr 17 .prel file
April 20 through April 22


in Lecture Hall

mandatory attendance

director’s final cut, project file

youtube description, tags

Apr 20 uploaded .mov or .wmv file
Gateway 3 Showtime!
director’s cut
uploaded to You Tube Apr 22
April 23 through May 1 editing in lab

deadline for Genny (like the Oscars) nominations

May 4
.aup file
.fcp or .wlmp file
May 4 and Final exam period – TBA

Gateway 4 Showtime!

in Lecture Hall

producer’s cut

mandatory attendance

Genny voting in the Lecture Hall

producer’s final cut

May TBA .mov or .wmv video file.flv file (made by YT from your upload)

Week beginning …