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Production Lists

How how to start thinking like a maker of media instead of just as a consumer of media.

Video Maker’s Pre-Production (note the article on voice-over techniques) –

Before you begin shooting, I should have approved the following list of information about your video. This list will go on the table lower down on the reports page. It will also be the basis for the Genny Award nominations. Send me this list via email ASAP.

  • writer / director (you)
  • working title of your video
  • 15-word concept – the blurb on the TV listings settings / locations
  • cinematographer (camera operator)
  • actors
  • production managers: lights, sound, sets, props, costumes, continuity. One or more people.
  • props, costumes, sets, everything you need before you begin taping
  • budget – if any
  • shooting locations
  • shooting dates other than your one in-class day
  • any special considerations?

Along with your script, these lists will give me the information you and I need to move into the production phase prepared to make the best use of our time.

In a professional setting, these lists are used to manage the many people you see in the credits at the end of a feature film. Each of the items above would be spreadsheets full of data. Many of the functions, especially budgeting and scheduling, are managed with software packages tailored to those specific tasks. Since you are running a zero-budget, minimal-crew production, you won’t need spreadsheets and special software. But you can get a taste of it with these production lists.