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Many locations on campus are optimal for taping your videos. Here are a few of the obvious ones.

TV studio

The best all-around option for lighting and sound. The only option for green-screening. It already has multiple cameras. The stage can be decorated in any way you want. On the downside, it is small and the ceiling is low. It is in high demand, soit must be reserved ahead of time.

Lecture Hall

The lighting is terrific and the sound can be easily made so. It is large, giving a lot of options for camera placements and active scenes. On the downside, you have to bring cameras and you will probably want a shotgun mic on a hand-held boom. It is also in high demand, so see me about reserving it through the Registrar’s Office.

Radio Station

This is a more home-like space than the TV studio. The lighting is good and so are the acoustics if you’re mindful of noise from the hallway.

Academic Commons

This is the new space on the fourth floor of the Main Building. It has great natural lighting and the sound is pretty good. I’m curious to see how it works as a production space. It is student-run, so you should check with the staff well before you want to use it.

Classrooms and lounges

The lighting will be fine, and the acoustics may be good enough that you don’t need microphones. As long as a classroom is empty, you’re welcome to use it until the next class or scheduled event needs it. There are also various lounges in the classroom buildings.

Sullivan Center

The sound is often the problem in the Sullivan Center. However, you have gyms, cafeteria, weight room, fireplace, offices, etc. So many possibilities

Houses on Humboldt

The lighting will be a challenge and you will want to use a boom or shotgun mic.


The lighting and sound will be a challenge, but you have hallways, stairways, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, and a variety of other useful, adaptable spaces.