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Hats You’ll Wear

Let’s review the hats you will wear during this process.

As a writer/editor, you may stay with the Odd Couple script as Neil Simon wrote it, modify it a little or a lot, or come up with a whole different script. The script may be something you wrote from scratch or it can be a mash-up of bits and pieces from sources, real life and media.

Videos are produced by a team of people all dedicated to the highest production values.

As an actor, you will prepare a role from the Odd Couple. Depending on what you and your troupe members decide to do, you may also prepare variations on that role or whole other roles. When people ask their friends to make a great video with them, sometimes the friendship part gets in the way of the great video part. In this course, you are going to be able to make it a more professional type of relationship. As an actor, you are going to do the best you can to help your classmates as directors get what they want BECAUSE they, as actors, will be helping you get what you want.

As director, you will decide how you want the actors to play their roles. Where they are, when, where and why they move, how they say their lines, how they interact, and whatever other activity, aka stage business, you add.

As production manager, you will pitch the treatment as well as gather and schedule whatever resources — actors, sets, props, lights, time, music, effects — will be needed to make it happen.

As camera or mike boom operator or stage manager, you will help other directors and actors film their productions. Again, others will be helping you, so you’ll be helping them.

As technician, you will do whatever chores need to be done to produce your scenes and you will help the other members of your troupe if they need it.

As video editor, you will take all the video you shot — and you are welcome to use clips from anyone else’s, too, with their permission — and use video editing software to produce a five-minute video that you will upload to YouTube. YouTube will reduce the quality, so you may want a higher resolution version on a disk or stick to show to your classmates in May on the Lecture Hall’s big screen.

Added together, these activities are referred to as production values. They are what engage your viewers. They will be acknowledged not in your course grade, but by the Genny Awards.


Note what’s not on this list: producer, aka the person financing the production, aka The Man. For this project, I am the producer. Instead of money, I allocate time and course grades and make the award nominations.