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The Course

Medaille College
Agassiz Circle
Buffalo, New York 14214

Course Number and Title GEN 230 Creative Expression: Visual and Performing Arts

Section 04 CRN 20013 MW 4-5:25 in Huber 216

Semester Spring 2017

Number of Credits 3
Prerequisite GEN 110 and ENG 110

Instructor Douglas Anderson

Office Main 204
Hours Monday and Wednesday 3-4, 5:30-6 and Tuesday and Thursday 1 – 2 and by appointment

I have several email addresses, but I would appreciate it if you sent all mail related to this course to me at gen230s17 at

Please note: Grading of student papers will reflect standard English usage. The MLA and APA bibliographic styles are generally used at Medaille.

Printer-friendly version of the official Course Syllabus

Catalog Description of Course

This course explores forms of creative expression in visual, performing, and literary arts. Students will acquire abilities and perspectives about these arts and interrelationships among them. In addition, through exploring, developing, and demonstrating their creativity in multiple art forms, students will enhance their understanding of artistic expression.

Student Objectives

After completing this course, you will be better able to:

  • apply visual, performing and literary art concepts in the creation of works of art
  • demonstrate an understanding of various forms of artistic expression
  • recognize relationships among different forms of creative expression
  • appreciate the visual, performing, and literary arts
  • recognize the roles of creative expression in society
  • apply visual, performing, and literary art concepts in the analysis of works of art

Outline of Course Content

This course will guide you through the common creative process. Specifically, you will go through the process of making several short videos. At various times during the process, you will function as writer, editor, actor, director, producer, and film editor. The process will involve pitching your ideas, proposing your project, developing the treatment, and using equipment and computer tools to produce and distribute your video. In short, this is very much a hands-on course. You learn by doing, not by listening to me talking about doing.

Your videos will be approximately three or four minutes long and include opening titles and closing credits. After each of them, we will watch everyone’s video in class and you will get some oral and written feedback.

To do this, you will have to look closely, reflect on, and evaluate your work and that of your peers. This course should make you less fearful of creative projects and more likely to go through the process again. It will also change how you think about the video you see on the various screens you watch.

A day-by-day syllabus is available on the left sidebar.