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Course Policies

Statement on Disabilities

Any student with a disability who believes he/she needs accommodation(s) in order to complete this course should contact Disability Services as soon as possible. The Coordinator will determine what accommodations are appropriate and reasonable under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disability Services is located in the Main Building, Room H122, and can be reached by phone at (716) 566-3088.

Campus Emergency Closure

In the event of a campus emergency closure, please log onto your Blackboard course link at to continue with your course requirements and to communicate with your instructor. You should access this course link early in the semester to familiarize yourself with it. Report any access or usage problems to the course instructor.

Academic Integrity

Medaille’s faculty and administration expect all students to complete their academic assignments with honesty and integrity. Students who engage in any form of academic dishonesty (e.g., plagiarism, cheating on a test, forging a signature or an entire college document) will be dealt with severely, with penalties ranging from an F on a given assignment to failing a course or even academic suspension. Students should consult the Medaille College Policy Manual, Volume VI, Paragraph, for full details on the college’s policy and procedures for handling formal charges of academic dishonesty.

Course Attendance Policy

You should come to class. I’ll do my part to make it worth your while. I expect you to do your part to get something out of it.

In my experience, students who miss class also have other problems. I encourage you to keep me notified, especially via email, about your absences. I reserve the right to lower your final course grade for absences in excess of four, whether excused or not, including participation in athletic events.

If you know ahead of time that you are going to miss more than that many classes, especially because of sports team commitments, let me know ASAP.


This course is built around your projects. All the media assets and other materials we need you will make or find online, much of it on this course web and at MediaCollege. You will access it following the links and doing your own searches.

Please note that the price of admission to two stage plays is still less than most textbooks.